Hello all,

My name is David,

I started this site because the while the world has many beautiful places, beauty and Danger often go hand in hand. The world has many dangers both natural and man made and to think other wise is setting your self up for disaster. Often times the most desirable destinations have the most dangers. Now while dangers cannot and will never be completely eliminated, you can mitigate them to a certain degree. My plan is to use this site to teach you the skills and techniques to accomplish that mitigation where ever possible as well as connect you with other sites and resources to further that goal. This way you can travel to these beautiful places and stay fit, healthy, and as safe as possible while doing so.

I have acquired this knowledge over many years of traveling that stated as a young kid, as well time spent over an ever changing career that started out with EMT school and a volunteer fire department and has continued to change and evolve over the years.

The fire service, and specifically wild land fire, where I discovered my passion for fitness and nutrition and the key role it plays or should pay in everyones life. It is one of the Corner stones of being self reliant which plays a key role in mitigating risk. I also learned how important it is for the average person to be able to handle the basics of first aide especially when traveling.

In addition to posts on fitness and nutrition you’ll find posts on

  • Traveler Safety

  • General Travel Tips

  • Preparation

  • Privacy both at home and while traveling

  • Reviews on destinations, products, books and equipment.

  • As well as the occasional rant but I will try to keep that to a minimum.

I hope that you enjoy what you find here and that you learn something new in the process.

~ David