How To Survive a Riot


Riots and civil unrest is nothing new, despite the illusion of peace and order that you find in most developed countries the world is a chaotic place and we are only a few missed meals away from eating each other.


That is to say society as a whole is only one tragic or catastrophic event away from loosing its damn mind. Take the beginning of the corona virus…I am not going to say pandemic because it doesn’t fit the definition so we will go with outbreak. People were getting in to fist fights and pulling guns on each other in stores over packs of toilet paper….. so much so that cities actually had to assign police officers to guard pallets of the stuff inside stores.


When the atmosphere is that charged it only take one more nudge to push it into full on riots and un-rest. One second you can be at a peace-full protest or other large gathering and the next something happens and violence erupts as to many people these days know. So how do you survive a riot?


The best option is not to be there in the first place. Those who have been in those situations know you can almost feel it in the air when it’s coming, Trust that gut feeling and if you feel it in the air get out now.


If your in a large crowd stick to the edges when ever possible, if the crowd starts getting violent start heading for a safe area. If you not already towards the edge of the crowd get there. Then head for a safe area. Safe areas include high ground and inside buildings but this only temporary. Safe areas are to buy you time to make a plan to get out of the area. On your way to a safe area avoid areas with increased violence or danger. This may include areas of the crowd clashing with Law enforcement or a rival crowd , getting stuck between the crowd and barriers or buildings that you cannot get into.


Look for any open direction that can get you away from the main crowd. Preferably in a direction perpendicular or in the opposite direction the crowd is heading. This will get as much space between you and them as possible.


If your stuck in the crowed or cant get away from it stay upright at all costs and avoid getting pushed or falling to the ground. If you do, assume a position that protects your vital organs especially your skull. The best option is to be kneeling, bent over covering your head. Never lay down! If you can get near a sturdy object that you can kneel near that can help keep you upright that might be good just make sure that you are not on a side that is going to get you squeezed or crushed between the object and the crowd.


As soon as you can get up safely do so and keep trying to get out of the area. Never quit and get off the X