Travel Caching

Caching is the pre-placement of mission essential supplies in concealed locations throughout the area your operating in for resupply or emergency situations. Caches are usually in either a secure location or concealed in some manner, some times both.

This is done extensively by government agencies and the military. Usually consisting of ammunition, food, water, medical, and other mission essential supplies. This is one of the reason that the military and government agencies establish bases or offices in multiple location through out their jurisdictions, and sometimes our side of their jurisdictions. This allows them to respond to emergencies faster by using the resources closest to the incident.

Caching also allows operators or operatives working in an area, to have access to supplies should they run out or encounter an emergency situation without having to return to base or if they are cut off from their home base.

Caching is also frequently talked about in the prepper community but usually consists of burying supplies for a long term survival scenario which is not always practical or apply to most people.

Travel caching however is becoming popular with people who travel a lot, especially those who travel to the same areas pretty regularly, and those who like to travel as lite as possible.

Travel Caching is great for those items that are specific or only needed for that area or that you often break, loose, or forget. This could be Coats/glove in a winter region, chargers, items that you have to replenish like toiletries or items you may not want to fly with such as pocket knives or other TSA restricted items.


First step is get the items to where you want to cache them. This could mean that you either fly with them once to get them there, purchase once you arrive, or send them ahead of time.

Then you need to find a place to store them securing once you leave. This could be leaving them in a bag at a friend’s or families house or your own property if you traveling to a vacation home. If you travel for business and you have an office space where you are going you might be able to leave them there. If your dedicated enough you can rent a self storage unit or if you can still find them a long term locker at airports or train station. These will cost you money and I do not know how available Long term lockers are any more as I haven’t seen one in years.

Caching can save you time and hassle or could possibly save your life depending on the situation. Either way this is a skill/habit you might want to consider taking up to make your travels and life easier and safer.

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