How to Confirm Your Contacts Identity

Confirming the Identity of your contact is important when making a meet. An obvious way to do this is to check their ID. However if you’re wanting to conduct business anonymously, operating in a region that has no ID or you want further assurance that who you’re talking to is actually who you set the meet up with or someone sent by them, there is some other basic tactics you can use.

The Physical Object

This could be telling them to wear a certain color shirt, tie, etc. or to bring a certain book, or other specific physical object. An additional layer of protection can be to tell them to wear/carry the item in certain way. You can also use this tactic and offer up the information if your meeting a client/customer blind and you want them to know how to ID you or put them at ease that they are talking to the right person. (Letting them know you will be wearing a black suit with a red tie and sitting by the window for example)

The Torn Image

For this tactic you tear a card (or other unique image) and send them half. Then when you meet, you compare the two halves and if the tears do not match, you know the person you are talking to is not who you sent the piece to. Playing cards work well for this especially if you can find a more unique deck. Grabbing a generic blue or red Bicycle deck from Walmart is not the best way to go about it. The more unique the Image/card your using and the more drastic/unique the tear you can make the better.

The Behavior

Another option you see in crime and spy movies a lot is to make them conduct some specific behavior. This can be anything from requesting a special table from the hostess or ordering a special drink or food. This tactic requires you either sit where you can hear/ see the orders or behavior or having a partner or cut out do it for you. The latter is recommended for an added layer of security. You can also attempt to enlist the hostess/ waiter/waitress in this roll for an extra tip. As long as you don’t look suspicious and make what they are to ask for not seem to weird then they shouldn’t be to hesitant to help out if you make it worth their while.

The Challenge and Passphrase

Another option is the challenge and pass phrase. When you set up the meet you designate a challenge phrase that you/them will say and a response phrase for them/you to say back. This method is easy to use and is recommended when setting up any transportation in locations that are more dangerous or known for kidnapping.

Setting Up Your Transportation

When you set up the car/transport ahead of your arrival you would work out a challenge and phrase with the driver or company so that you have a way to confirm the driver is an actual driver. If you are a celebrity, a well know business person or other targeted individual It is also recommended to work out a pseudonym last name for them to put on the card they hold up.
Criminal organization will often work the arrival pick up area and google the names on the cards held by drivers waiting for arriving visitors. If any of the names pop as wealthy or influential they will either scare off or pay off the driver to get lost and take their place. This allows you a way to have a better idea if the person your talking to is an actual driver and not someone who is going to take you hostage.