Avoiding attention in urban environments

You can draw unwanted attention to your self in an urban environment in a lot of different ways for a lot of different reasons. Most of which stem from some form of stereotype.

There are many reasons that you don’t want to be associated with one or more of these groups as well drawing unwanted attention to your self can lead to other not so pleasant scenarios.

To name a few…

CCW/LEO/Military/First Responder/Firearms

Military surplus items
Visible paracord
Tactical gear, packs and clothing(branded specifically)
Visible pocket clips
portable radios (any tech beyond a cell phone)
morale patches
Hand checking your EDC or weapons
Military or most short hair cuts.

In times of violence these people have a higher likely hood of being targeted first as they would pose the greatest threat(theoretically) to the perpetrator.

Criminal/Thug/Gang Member

loitering individual or grouped
Small groups specifically of younger men
aggressive behavior
hands in your pockets when temps don’t dictate it

Being associated with this group could get you increased attention from law enforcement, security guards, or you may be denied access to certain areas, or drive away average people that start to feel uneasy.


Fancy clothing
High end cars or devices

Flaunting your wealth or appearance of wealth is likely going to get you attention from thieves and criminals as you look like a prime target, especially if you are not taking any other security precautions.

Anxious Behavior

Rapid glances
Constant adjusting clothing
constantly checking your watch

This can draw attention to your self in a couple different ways depending on whose attention you draw. These behaviors can mean anything from some low lever social anxiety on up to someone who is preparing to commit an act of violence.

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