Testing Faraday Bags

Always remember Trust but Verify! You should never blindly trust anyone or any piece of equipment. Always vet, test and verify anything before you put your trust in it and even then depending on the situation you may not want to trust it completely, but hey I have trust issues (I think they are warranted) so take that with a grain of salt.

Today we are specifically talking about faraday bags. Faraday bags are made from a special fabric that blocks, or limits the ability of wireless signals to pass through it. In most case people use these to completely block signals from going to the device to either protect from tracking, hacking, or in the case of law enforcement to stop suspects from remotely wiping seized devices.

Now a lot of faraday bags on the market are not actually designed to completely block these signals but only to limit them and that is because these bags specifically are designed to lessen the signals in order to offer a layer of protection against the health issues related to wireless signals but still allow the devices to function so that you can still use them.

This means that if you are looking for a faraday bag for privacy or security reason you should look for ones specifically designed for this task as well as test them before relying on them.

There are two general ways to test a faraday bag, We will start with the quick and dirty.

The quick and dirty method requires a second device and really only works with communications devices such as phones You will need another, what ever you are planning to put in the bag, If thats a radio then you need a second radio if thats a phone then you need a second phone. You will place the one you plan to use the bag for in the bag and then attempt to contact it with the second one.

In the case of a phone if your using blue tooth devices their connections should disconnect which can tell you if the blu tooth is blocked as well.

As you can probably imagine this method is limiting as it doesn’t test GPS and may not necessarily test wifi connections depending on how your phone is set up at the time as well as is limiting when you are wanting to test devices that you may work in this manner.

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