How to Secure Your Valuables at the Beach

At very crowded beaches it is not unusual to see a beautiful women walking along the beach, distracting the beach goers(usually men just saying)

What most people do not see is the the small crew following slightly behind her and off to the side snatching what they can from anyone who is side tracked by the beautiful view. This is a petty theft version of the honey pot which is a tactic that is used in almost every aspect of society. Ranging from business sales to criminal activities to espionage, it boils down to the age old adage, “Sex Sells”

Now whether orchestrated as a honey pot or not the majority of thefts when traveling are going to happen at the beach even if the beach is in your home town. Average beach goers are often distracted by one thing or another or leaving their valuables unattended to take a dip in the ocean.

Swim wear is not usually good for carrying an EDC or any other items more than maybe a set of keys and there is little to no way to truly secure belongings, however there is things you can do to better your odds.

Personally I have never been big on the whole go to the beach to sit around thing so I recommend getting off the beach and exploring more whether thats the urban areas or the wild areas is up to your. No for the people that “Have” to go to the beach, Most consultants advise only taking to the beach that which you are willing to loose, I agree to a point, but as I have covered before I am not a fan of leaving your stuff unattended in your room either especially if that is your passport or other important documents.

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