Introduction to the health and fitness side of travel safety.

 I am going to start out by saying that I am not certified in any discipline, medical, fitness or nutritional. Before starting any fitness routine or add supplements to your diet please seek the advice of your physician.


  • I WILL NOT be recommending any specific supplements for certain situations or in general.
  • I WILL recommend Companies I trust just like I would to any one I know.
  • I MIGHT recommend general training programs but they would be for certain situations and again won’t work for everyone.



These posts will mostly be what I use and why I use it but both supplements and work out programs fall into the category of “Anything is better than nothing”. The best work out program or supplements won’t do anything if you don’t do it or take them. The best programs are the ones that you are going to actually do while taking into consideration your goals. Someone who’s goal is body building is not going to do the same workouts as someone who is training for marathons.


Watch for Posts on….


  • Getting fit

  • Staying in shape while traveling and at home

  • Supplements I take and why

  • Workout regiments/programs that I do or follow and why

  • Applications to real life, your safety and security

  • and much more