Introduction to privacy topics

This is my main…passion… I guess you could say. We live in a time where our privacy, especially online is disappearing at an increasing rate. Most people don’t think about it because they see the flashy new tech products or the new hot app and don’t think about how they are taking away their privacy or how the loss of that privacy can affect them.

One argument you will get is “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about”… I’ll be covering how stupid this argument is, along with other arguments in future posts so stay tuned.

You’ll see posts on….

The risks loss of privacy present to the average person, as well as the not so average person

Social media security

Keeping your information as private as possible

Apps/cell phone usage

Specific apps to use

Segmenting your information

Privacy in person not just online

Daily life vs traveling (Hintnot that many differences)

The occasional alert for new risks to your privacy and security