End to end encrypted messengers

If you want to make sure your communication is private(which shouldn’t even been an if) you need to use encrypted platforms that are zero knowledge. With that ideally this platform would also be open source and decentralized but there are none worth mentioning to my knowledge at this point.

End to end encryption means the out side world cant eavesdrop on your communications zero knowledge end to end encryption means the company or organization running them cant see what you’re saying either. Most companies and organizations encryption are protecting your communications from out side eavesdropping but they leave them selves access so they can still eavesdrop for moderation or marketing research. This also leave the door open for the rouge employee to eavesdrop on conversations for personal gain. In some extreme cases for espionage when the platform is funded by a foreign intelligence service or a rival company.

I recommend wire messenger primarily, I personally have had the best experience with them and a lot of professionals that I trust and have researched the code, and company it self a lot harder than I am able to have checked them out and recommend them as well.

The down sides to wire can easily be overcome. For instance the fact that you need to use an email or phone number to sign up. While this could be a sticking point for some but for most it’s not a big deal and for those seeking more privacy there are ways around it using a more full coverage privacy plan.

An alternative that I recommend and also keep on my devices as a back up is signal messenger. (this is also required to use the haven security app) Signal does requires a phone number.

Below you will find a link to a comparison table of the different “Secure” messengers on the market and how they rate on different important topics. As you will see there is no perfect platform yet and you will have to look at the best options and choose based on where you are willing to make your concessions.


Full Disclosure: No App or platform is full proof, I have seen a few articles today about flaws in signals programing that allow outsiders to intercept messages as well some shadiness of its initial start up funding and developers. While I cannot personally confirm or refute this information about funding we have to take this information into consideration as well as the possibilities of it being misinformation/corporate espionage (to drive away users) as well.

Now as far as the Flaw goes, there is a New York firearms trafficking case where they appear to show signal messages from the suspects. The articles about this flaw are written in a click baity tone that implies the messages are being intercepted (wirelessly). From my understanding this is false.

Not only does the FBI appear to be in possession of the Phones in which case all bets are off any way, this appears to be a flaw in phones security that allows them to crack the phones encryption and unlock it and therefore they can access signal through the phone owners account.

This is not just the FBI there are many private individuals and obviously companies with the know how and tech to do this as well if they physically posses your phone. Keep this in mind if you are a targeted individual such as an investigator, operator, company executive, head of security, celebrity or just a wealthier than most individual.

The best counter to this threat is to ensure physical security of your device, if they allow an app pin or pass word turn it on, and make sure the self deleting messages is turned on in which ever app you use. It would have saved tiger woods and it can save you too. All jokes a side self deleting messages will limit the amount of messages and information that can be gathered by anyone who posses your phone and manages to get it unlock.

We are currently developing our free email course and hope to have it live soon. Email content will simultaneously posted into a messenger group(along with some group only content that we are starting as well. We are currently testing multiple platforms to see which will work best but as we recommend people use it, we are planning for it to be on wire. So stay tuned for the launch notification post that will explain it in detail.

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