Atmospheric Shifts

“Atmospheric Shifts are like ripples in a pond caused by the splashing of a stone, atmospheric shifts are the emotional and situational reactions to a development in a situation” ~ Patrick Horne/Jason Riley

An atmospheric shift is the environment around you reacting to a change within it. This can be a new person entering the area, something said, or something done. We see things like this on a daily basis. For instance, a group of office employees are chatting in the break room when their hardass boss walks in. They go from talking to silent, and sitting to heading back to their desk. This would be an atmospheric shift caused by the boss entering the room.

Another example would be those scenes in the movies we have all seen where the gang or group of soldiers rolls into a neighborhood and every one starts scurrying away as the shop owners start closing up and locking shutters.

Now the change in atmosphere is only the indicator, what changed the atmosphere is what you need to become aware of as it is what likely going to pose the threat. Did a group of gang members just walk into the food court that sent most people to the exits or did your friends suddenly stop laughing when you’re doing your imitation of your boss? or maybe its something as small as you see someone running but they don’t look like they should be, maybe they are wearing a dress instead of exercise cloths, then you see another person running. Look around, are they running from someone else, are they running towards a taxi, or is Godzilla a couple blocks down you get the point

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